Reverend Denis Amos Emojong is the President of EMBASSY OF GOD Ministries, the founder remains the Lord Jesus Christ; Embassy of God Church that He Co Pastors with His wife Anne Emojong is one the fastest growing Churches in the world today.

The story of Denis’ salvation and call to ministry is one that demonstrates the highest manifestation of the grace of The Lord Jesus Christ, He believes His call to ministry and salvation is Election by Grace and not Choice. While on his death bed at high school, having been diagnosed with mysterious sickness Denis cried to God to take away his life and not allow him die in the hands of the devil. God responded to Denis with such love that surprised Denis beyond comprehension and to date He can’t comprehend why God has loved Him this much. Instead of death, The Lord appeared to Denis and “Give me your life, you will not die but live to declare my works to the world”. Later on in a vivid Vision The Lord Jesus again appeared to Denis in a vision and instructed Him to take The Glory of God’s divine Presence to the World and Turn the Heart of mankind back to God.

To date Denis has not relented from this mandate, He is a man with blazing faith with the evident manifestations of the ministry and gifts of The Holy Spirit in His ministry. Denis carries a unique anointing for Healings and Miracles that special and live miracles are witnessed in meetings where He is Present.

Born on the 22nd April 1981, Denis ‘ journey is just but supernatural manifestation of the grace of God. He is an Author ,Healing Minister, Evangelist, Teacher, Church Planter , Pastor and mentor of many multimillionaires, businessmen and Preachers and leaders around the world. Yet He remains a friend of the most needy, poor, orphans, widows and the less privileged in society. Reverend Denis is such a compassionate and humble hard working man of God who works tirelessly to see the expansion of the Kingdom of God. His story remains an encouragement to many that God is still in the business of working Miracles and vividly demonstrates the kind of Jesus who not only confines himself in the scriptures of the bible but leaps out of scripture in the form of extra ordinary exploits and Miracles yet all this, his statement is always the same,” Less of me and more of Jesus.

The other side of this man of God reveals tenderly love and affection that sees many Children fed, the less privileged housed, the elderly clothed, the orphaned educated and the hopeless in despair given rekindled hope of a brighter tomorrow. Outside the numerous ministerial obligations posed by the world wide ministry stretching across the globe Reverend Denis manages a blissful marriage and family as husband to Pr Anne Emojong.