Our passion and utmost desire is to see the light of the Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ come upon every person on the face of the Earth and to see His Word mightily prevail upon all Nations. We shall therefore devote our lives to the ministry of Prayer to see the glory of God cover the Earth and the Harvest of souls come in from every tribe, race,  Kindred and Nation under Heaven with mighty and intense demonstrations of the Power of The Word and The Spirit. We aim to establish Prayer hotels, retreat centers and recreation facilities for the Purpose of Prayer.

The ministry is also in the time of recruiting global prayer network of one million prayer warriors who will dedicate themselves to interceding for this work until the glory of God penetrates nations and covers the Earth. If you have a passion to see this dream come true, you can sign up as a dedicated intercessor and prayer warrior using the link below.

However you must take note that its not a must that you will be admitted in the global prayer network except with the permission and authority of the Holy Spirit who is the architect and boss of this work. In case you have been accepted, you will be notified and you will begin to receive daily prayer points from us and also phone calls alerting you of the prayer watches and needs.